Top 10 Bitcoin Wallets For Beginners

Top 10 Bitcoin Wallets For Beginners

It’s important that you choose the right with coin wallet. Choosing the right wallet should not be taken lightly. After purchasing your Bitcoin, securing your Bitcoin is the second most important phase of being a “Bonafide” Bitcoin user. In securing your Bitcoin you must choose a wallet that is-

  1. Secure- Your wallet should be a HTTP or https function.
  2. Owning your Bitcoin – This part should not be overlooked. Obtaining private keys for your Bitcoin wallet means you are in control and have control over your Bitcoins.
  3. Multi Signature – One Secured wallet obtaining more than one key authorization for Bitcoin transaction, where it requires two persons with two different key authorization to open the box yes.
  4. Transparency – Before choosing a wallet research the site. Check online reviews and do a vulnerability check. Ensure the source code is not outdated, it should be up to date.
  5. User-friendly – Make sure the wallet is easy to use, wallets that are confusing can make you frustrated.
  6. Get it HD wallet – Wallets that are HD always uses new Bitcoin addresses. This increases your privacy.
  7. Anonymity – Protection, where little information is required app on registration, inquire about us.
  8. Backups for your wallet – This is very important., and if it is encrypted. Is the backup easy to use Etc.
  9. Is the one that used by many – Search forums for the top bitcoin wallets to see the reviews – if feedbacks are positive then you will have a clear understanding of which bitcoin wallet you should choose.

Now, here’s is a look of the top 10 Bitcoin wallets for beginners.

  1. Mycelium– One of the longest running wallets used widely on many platforms.
  2. Armory – This wallet is an advanced wallet but gives all the security needed. With many backups and many interceptions.
  3. Simple Bitcoin wallet – This wallet carries all the features you need in a safe, reliable, simple Bitcoin wallet.
  4. Bither– a very simple and secure wallet, which is used on many platforms. You have control over your money, with simplified validation and basic transparency. Runs and is secure environment with random numbers for users.
  5. Electrum. It gives you a total control over your money. Electrum is simple, transparent and offers a two-factor authentication.
  6. Counter wallet– This wallet is useful, it is non-technical and can trade any Bitcoin token.
  7. Coinbase- The biggest and most popular wallet brand. With a 100% safe reputation, ideal for newcomers.
  8. BTC– Another idea, wallet. As good as Coinbase and counter wallet. BTC gives you the privacy and can use downloadable wallets for Mobile on IOS and Android.
  9. Letter wallet- Gives you control over your money and a very secure environment. This wallet is trusted and advanced.
  10. Blockchain info– User-friendly hybrid wallet. The wallet stores an encrypted version. For security reasons, decryption happens and browser and gives you the option to use browser extension.

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