Top 10 Bitcoin Mining USBs

Top 10 Bitcoin Mining USBs

In the beginning, miners of bitcoins needed only their CPUs, then, when they became inadequate, they went on to using GPUs. Though GPUs could hash data 50 to 100 times faster and needed much less electricity, they also turned inadequate with time. The custom equipment came in 2011 and changed mining considerably. Performance standards were pushed much higher. The first of these were miners that were based on FPGA processors. They are attached to PCs via a convenient USB connection. They need much less power than both GPUs and CPUs. Here are the top 10 bitcoins mining USBs

1. Sapphire Miner

These block erupters were the first bitcoins mining USB on the market. Their hash power is about 330 MH/s. It is a good choice especially for those that want to understand how mining works.

2. GekkoScience USB Stick

This a bit better when compared to initial block erupters. Its manufacturer says it functions completely silent and it works using just one USB port on your PC.

3. Avalon Nano3

This is a 3.6 GH/s miner. It requires no fan and just plugs into the USB port of any kind of PC you might be using.

4. 21Bitcoins Computer

Though some people disagree, this is also a USB miner technically. This is because it also connects to your PC via a USB port.

5. Antrouter R1 WIFI Solo Miner

Though not exact, this is similar to a USB miner. It has a hash rate of about 5.5 GH/s and also functions as a wireless router enabling you to offer internet connection to all of your other devices.

6. AntMiner U2

This is an ASIC miner that has a power efficiency of 1 W/GH and a hash rate of 2 GH/s. it also a Bitcoins miner that connects to your PC’s USB port.

7. BPMC Red Fury USB

This is a USB miner that offers a 2.5 GH/s hash rate with a power efficiency rate of 0.96 W/GH. It’s also a popular option.

8. BitFury USB Miner

This is also an ASIC miner that features various models from the same manufacturer. They feature hash rates of about 4 GH/s on the average.

9. Bitmain AntMiner U2


This is another Bitcoins USB miner that has a hash rate of about 2.2 GH/s and a power efficiency of about 1 W/GH. It also connects to just one USB port on your computer.

10. Bi-Fury USB Miner

This is another popular one. It offers about 5 GH/s for its hash rate. It features a double chip technology as a block erupter and connects to just a single USB port on your computer.

One thing that should not confuse you is that there is USB Bitcoins mining hardware. But they vary from USB wallets. Miners mine bitcoins while ledgers like that Ledger Nano S only serve to store your funds. They are both USB devices but they serve different functions when it comes to dealing in bitcoins. This is the 10 USB options you were promised at the beginning of the article. Go through them and choose the option that best suits your purposes.

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