My USI Tech Review

My USI Tech Review

Thank you for taking interest in this post. Not so long ago i came across a company called USI Tech. I was actually introduced to the whole concept and of course became wary thinking it was yet another scam just like many other “opportunities” online.

Well let me tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated with a Business Degree and shortly after with a Masters Degree in eCommerce so i am naturally drawn to everything “SHINY” within the world of Internet Business. I have launched two very successful online companies and of course invested in a few others which turned out to be a disaster. On top of that invested in online courses which was just a waste of time and money.

I am now online for 10+ years and have seen everything and anything so my introduction to USI Tech created more alarm bells just because its an online offering. BUT let me tell you the more i looked into this company i thought to myself OK lets give this a go. So i signed up for free.

Within this post i am going to outline my experience with USI Tech to date and give my honest review from DAY 1. I will update my findings and results weekly by simply adding to this post.


After signing up to USI Tech i entered into the system. Everything was well presented. The dashboard was very easy to navigate and i felt comfortable. I found some instructions for my next steps within the resources section. For me everything looked professional.

As a member of USI Tech i got access to two facebook groups so i then spent the rest of the day reading every post from the groups to see if everything added to to what i was expecting. From reading the posts i quickly realized USI Tech was one serious company with thousands of happy customers generating massive results for simply doing nothing. This is where i got excited and dove right in.

On Day 2 i decided to send my $900 worth of bitcoin into USI-Tech from my coinbase account. I was able to purchase 15 packets. Each packet is $60. The minimum investment is 1 packet worth $60 and on a daily basis you receive between 1-2% return paid in bitcoin. From here i wanted to see if USI-Tech would pay me out daily so i waited until day 3 and the following week.

One of my concerns with this company was that the only way i could make a return would be to get others to sign up under me and invest BUT this is not the case. You simply buy packets and let them start mining. Of course if you dont have any money to buy packets of $60 you can encourage others to sign up and you make a 10% commission as a bonus to get you started. Many people are making a fantastic living just by signing other people up but i dont have the time for that so i just simply buy packets.

On day 3 i found a very interesting video from Mike Hobbs who started much earlier than me. He shoes the ins and outs of his account and discusses the legitimacy of the USI Tech company. Feel free to watch the video below.


[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_auto_play=”Y” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” style=”8″ dimensions=”560×315″ width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″ ipad_color=”black”]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS9XMlplQzNRaXF3Zw==[/video_player]


MY USI TECH REVIEW – Dec 4th 2017
Ok, i am going to change things up a little here and start to give a weekly update instead of daily as daily might just get a little boring.

I am going to speed up to current time in relation to my progress with USI Tech. I am almost 4 weeks into my new experience and wealth generating system. Every day i read every post from the private closed groups and i am delighted to see so many happy people growing their fortune with USI Tech.

So let me show you my progress.
As you know i started with 15 packets inside USI Tech and on a daily basis i was earning 0.0009 BTC which was about $9. Not much but it is 1% of whatever i invested. So as these $9’s built up on a daily basis i had the choice to WITHDRAW OR reinvest. Obviously the smart thing to do was Reinvest.

So when i had earned enough to purchase another packet ($60) i clicked the rebuy button. This brought me up to 16 packets automatically and meant that my daily pay would increase slowly.

I am now at 26 packets and getting paid DAILY 0.0015 BTC which is in today’s value is over $18 per day.

Let me now show you the dashboard inside my USI Tech Account.

my usi tech review
my usi tech review

As you can see i have a total of 26 packets. Those packets grew all the way from 15 AUTOMATICALLY via compounding and went from generating a daily payment of $9 to a daily payment of $18.

my usi tech review
my usi tech review


Now let me show you something…

The image above shows a total of 17 BTC Packages which is a good bit less than my 26. If you just left your account compound with 17 packages/packets your small investment of 1k would be worth over 4.5k within 1 year and 3/4 of a million within 5 years from simply doing NOTHING at all.

My plan is to grow my packets weekly and purchase 1 extra packet out of my own pocket per week to speed up the process.

If anyone would like some advice feel free to comment below.

MY USI TECH REVIEW – Dec 11th 2017
All going well here with USI-Tech. Remember i will discuss the positives and negatives of USI Tech within my review. I will not be bias as i simply invested in this company as i was curious at the time and could see the potential. For the skeptics out there USI is going to show its mining results live next week. Many people were stating that USI is a Ponzi but if they are actually mining and generating results they have a physical asset.

Next week i will show the live mining charts of USI Tech as well as a video explaining how USI Tech is not a Ponzi so stay tuned.

My current progress with USI Tech

So one week later my account has grown to 29 packages automatically with a daily payout in BITCOIN of 0.0019.
How nice is that. I am going to keep reinvesting my packages until i am happy with my daily returns.
Note: Because this is such a fantastic opportunity you can see that i have 9 members direct under me and if any of them purchase packets i will get a bonus payment. Out of the 9 members just 1 is active so i am not generating much. My earnings is 99.9% from my daily 1% payouts in BTC.

The 111 registered members you can see from above is in fact other members who have registered under my 9 friends and if they purchase any packets i will also get a share. The registered members is really just a bonus as i am not actively looking for anyone as i do not have any time. NOTE: you do not need to search for members in order for you to generate your returns. ALL YOU DO is simply purchase your BTC packets within USI Tech and you get your daily return. THATS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS SYSTEM, the rest is just a bonus.

MY USI TECH REVIEW – Dec 18th 2017
Is USI Tech a Ponzi?

So far from what i can see it is not because they would have gone bust by now. USI Tech pays out in BITCOIN. It pays out 1% per day on the amount of Bitcoin you put in. So here is the interesting part. Those who invested months ago when bitcoin was $3,000 bought packets at that value. Today USI Tech must pay out those members who invested at that price so that 1% is extremely high right now as bitcoin is up at the 20k mark.


If USI Tech was simply taking money from new members it would not be able to sustain itself. Other companies who started before USI Tech and after USI Tech who were setup as a ponzi have already gone under. USI is still expanding rapidly.

A ponzi is only based on a company paying off other members from new members income. A ponzi does not have a physical product. USI Tech has a physical product. It is actually mining and generating huge results.

Many people were stating that the mining bit was a lie and a cover. This is not possible because USI Tech have shown proof that they are mining. PROOF showing that they are on the BLOCK CHAIN. Their own branded mining pool. You will see USI Tech 6th down on the list.

So as we can see all is looking great. Everyone is getting paid out including myself.



If you are interested in something like this its free to register and easy to get started.
Sign up to USI Tech below…

[button_3 text=”get-started-its-free.png” align=”center” href=””/]


3 thoughts on “My USI Tech Review

  1. I noticed in your post you said you were not going to refer anyone but in your dashboard it said 57 registered members and 7 direct so it would seem as though you are sponsoring people. How much of those earnings are from your original 900 and how much from commission on sponsoring others?

    1. Hi Tony,
      Thank you for commenting. Above you can see that i have 7 direct referrals and out of the 7 people (which are my friends) 1 has bought and invested in many packets. This gave me $678.25 in commissions of which i sent him back 50% to say that you for investing. So that gave me a boost of 5 packets.

      Out of the 50 indirect members above, this is another friend who has taken the referral approach. They are showing up on my dash as (my friend) signed up under me. So far they havent made any commissions.

      So just from growing automatically i myself have 21 packets. However the total return just from the packets a lone so far is the ROI = 0.0287 ($439).

      With an opportunity like this, when you go telling your friends they want to get involved so even tho i am not actively recruiting i still get a few signups.

      Since posting the above screen shot just last week i am now at 28 packets.

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